Mother and a Child

a thousand colibris

Improving the mental health and well-being of women becoming mothers

Mother and a Child

a thousand colibris

Improving the mental health and well-being of women becoming mothers


About Us


We believe that everybody in the world deserves to live a happy and healthy life.

Our purpose is to turn this vision into reality.

a thousand colibris is an early stage start-up in digital health and well-being, launched in Barcelona and open to the world. We are focused on providing holistic AI-based solutions to fulfill our mission: enabling the best start in life by maximizing the health and well-being of mothers, parents and children during their parenthood journey.


Dana is a digital and preventive health solution for women transitioning into motherhood


Dana as a Digital Solution for the Healthcare system


Dana for you

Legend of the Colibri


Once upon a time, there was a huge fire in the forest. The animals fled in terror, except for a small brave Colibri (hummingbirg). The Colibri flew from the river to the fire, carrying droplets of water in its beak.


Our company is inspired by the legend of the Colibri, no one is too small or too lonely to make an impact on individuals, society, and the world.


“Are you crazy? You are not going to put out the fire with your little droplets!” the Armadillo said, mocking him.

The Colibri inspired a second Colibri, a third… and a thousand Colibris. The remaining animals joined in saving the forest. Soon after, the fire was extinguished, and the forest started to grow again.

“Maybe not, but I am doing my part.” responded the Colibri.


Our Impact

At a thousand colibris, we measure success by the way we touch the lives of people. We believe that the world is full of great ideas, inventions, and corporations that are not always interconnected. Our objective is to work together to change the present paradigm and maximize impact on as many lives as possible. 


As a conscious business and an aspiring B-Corp, we dream of being not only the best in the world, but also the best for the world.






Business Model

The B-Corp community works towards reduced inequality, lower levels of poverty, a healthier environment, stronger communities, and the creation of high-quality jobs with dignity and purpose. 


Our Team

We are dreamers, globetrotters, curious scientists, engineers, doctors, digital techies, programmers, marketing experts, conscious leaders, professionals, parents, and students. We worked in numerous start-ups and multinational companies and decided to gather forces for a single project; combining our experiences to build something greater. We have different nationalities, lived abroad, learned different languages, and worked in multi-cultural teams.​

We are You!

Core Team


Veronica Montesinos

Co-Founder & CEO

20+ years of senior management experience
Digital Business Entrepreneur

Dr. Sven Mulfinger

Co-Founder & COO

20+ years of senior management experience
Digital Business Entrepreneur

Mari Brito.jpg

Mariana Brito

Founder "Parir sin miedo"

Assistance for women during pregnancy

Vega Perez 2.jpg

Vega Pérez-Chirinos

Perinatal Psychology

From communication to psychology through sociology. Focused on parenting, personally and professionally.

Marta Reinoso.jpg

Dr. Marta Reinoso

 Scientific Lead

Psychology, Innovation, Research, Children and Families, Perinatal Mental Health

Noemi Martin.jpg

Noemi Martin

Tech Product, women empowerment

App product owner


Dr. Thorsten Faust


30+ years of pediatric and adolescent medicine
Biofeedback & Neurofeedback therapist


Isabel Coca Camin

Registered Nurse & Midwife

30+ years of natal & postnatal care

Experienced Midwife consultant

30+ years as a Hatha Yoga trainer

Jutta Wohlrab.jpg

Jutta Wohlrab

Midwife, expert on health coach NLP Trainer

+1,000 babies delivered, speaker, best-selling author

Aura Rios.png

 Aura María Ríos Gómez

Perinatal Psychology

Focused on parenting, personally and professionally

Jordi Gomez.jpg

Jordi Gomez (Ngawang Rinchen)

Meditation and Personal Development 

Meditation and personal development coach in Sangha Activa

Elena Sanz.jpg

Elena Sanz

Perinatal Psychology

Psychologist and digital content writer


Dr. Teresa Escudero

Family Doctor, Paediatrician, Doula

Digital Enthusiast, writer


Marenid Planell

Perinatal Mental Health Specialist

Family Therapist Intern & Founder of the non-profit “Más allá del útero”

Esther Estévez.jpg

Esther Esteve

Agile, SCRUM

Agile team facilitator, SCRUM Master,

Founder of Mama Coach

Susana Lopez Sangha Activa.jpg

Susana Lopez Pascual

Psychology, Mindfulness

Specialization in Psycho-pedagocy, Buddhism, meditation, ngagpa since 16 years

André Kempe.jpg

André Kempe

Growth hacking

Founder Admiral Media - best app marketing agency 2020


Maybe you?

Willing to impact the world

If you want to be part of an an open ecosystem to positively change the world and build a new business based on love, this picture should be yours.


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We welcome all Colibris capable of turning dreams into tangible outcomes, and touching the lives of many!

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