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Digital Guru (Digital Product Engineer)

We are defining success by how we touch the lives of other people.

And you?

We are a mission driven team with years of experience in startups and conscious leadership looking for an adventurer who wants to come on board with us.



If you are passionate about digital developments, mobile technologies and product design, then you will have the possibility to join us as our digital guru. As a part of the core team, you will have different hats, such as:

  • leading the design and development of our upcoming native digital platform through agile and sociocracy 3.0 methodologies and tools.

  • validating the technical complexity of the product idea and suggesting tech approaches to make it real.

  • designing our MVP, testing and deployment, as well as the planning of the next product version and tech updates


The right candidate will know how to collaborate and communicate with non-technical team members, quickly build strong relationships, and enter our fast-paced environment ready to fully dedicate your brain and time to grow this project. The company is based in Barcelona and you may work remotely too.


Main responsibilities:


  • Platform selection and technical design - making business critical tech decisions, such as tech design planning, product architecture layout, and development platform selection.


  • MVP - handling tech tasks concerning first product iteration (Minimum Viable Product) with the essential features created to check marketing hypotheses and analyze real user feedback, and Tech process backup.


  • DevOps (development and operations) - building the tech side of the product from scratch including features, server interactions, scripts, deployment stage maps, and SSHs.


  • QA and product testing – deciding who is in charge of the debug process and how to solve tech bugs.  


  • Growth roadmap and innovations – building a growth roadmap from and on the project discovery stage, taking into consideration corporate goals and strategies.

The role demands a good understanding of all aspects of building digital products — development, advanced technologies, mobile apps, UI, UX, data management and analytics, bots, algorithms, AI, remote communications/teleconsultation security, budgets, operational processes, and agile methodologies. It will be advantageous if you already have previous experience in digital health product development.


We will start with an equity based salary in the first step. Being part of an early-stage company and joining the core team of an innovative, mission driven and amazing project will be your main motivation. Our DNA is open innovation, having fun, building cool products and impacting positively the world. If you are a dreamer, a digital nomad or a guru, if you feel different, if you want to be yourself and make an impact that matters, then this journey can be yours.

Happy to get to know you.

Thanks for your interest! We will contact you in short.

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